Monday, 26 October 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review

This is a product that I have been wanting to purchase for a very very long time but just haven't had the guts to go for it, I am a girl who absolute loves contouring so spend most my time reading reviews on all different contouring products which are on the High street aswell as Counters. So in the past I brought the Sleek Face Contour Kit & also a Bronzer from the Beauty Brand Kiko which I looove but I have been wanting to try out a Cream Contour Product as I really like the dewy, healthy look. 

So after many many months of reading reviews and girl crushing over Bloggers Pictures I finally took the plunge and brought the ABH- Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit and so far so good!! I have only had this product 2 weeks and used it roughly 3/4 times as I dont tend to wear make up in the week- only weekends. I purchased this product from the website 'Cult Beauty' which I was dead impressed with as it arrived within 2-3 days after buying it. So the delivery came and I was soooo excited to open it (sad I know) but anyway the packaging/palette is so sleek and is a good size. This palette contains 6 shades which are very pigmented/build able creams to enhance your features. I have worn this palette on its own aswell as wearing on top of my Foundation & I definitely preferred it when I applied my foundation first. I like to wear heavy coverage and cover all my im-perfections so I found that when I wore this product on its own and without foundation it didn't really impress me much as it slightly dried my face up and clung to my dry areas.  
Anyway, when I wear the ABH Palette with foundation applied first its great- the shades are buildable and dewy. The only downfall is that I would really like the the consistency to be a little bit more wet as when i apply it to my face it sometimes pulls off small parts of my foundation :( For a girl who has never used a proper contouring kit in her life and only learnt how to use the product from video's online it is wonderful, this palette is so easy to use and has 4 different shades ranging from Fair-Dark so it is suitable for anyone. I am hoping that the more I use this product the better I get as it seems as though it is a self taught application! So far I have only really used 2 main shades for concealing & contouring for my face colour but I did have ago at using the highlighter including but that didn't really go down well and didn't do anything atall which is rather disappointing.

I went for the Palette 'Fair' as I am fairly pale and don't have much colour rather than red cheeks/nose when I am cold- haha! I was worried that this might of been too light for my skin but when I read reviews on the 'Light' palette I found that the colours looked quite dark and obviously didn't want to contour with colours too dark for me. This product is £39 but you can get it cheaper in America so if you know anyone going then definitely get them to grab one for you! This product is worth the money for what you get and should last a long time I expect, I do think it is a nice product to have in your make up bag even if you only use it once in a while as it definitely finishes your make up routine off.
I give the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit a thumbs up and super happy I decided to purchase it. 


Is this a Contour Kit you would like to purchase? 
Comment Below your thoughts if you have already purchased it.....

Speak Soon, love Amy xxxxxxxx


  1. this contour kit is on my wishlist:-) i love your photos!xx

  2. It was on my wish list for a long time too, you should definately consider buying it. Such a lovely product :) aw Thankyou! xx

  3. I have the powder version of this and I liked it but it didn't blow me away, I wish I'd waited until the cream one came out now and bought that instead!

  4. I was considering buying the powder palette but I already have powder contour kits and I love the dewy finish look so thought I would give this a go! Oh no, treat yourself and buy the cream palette :)

  5. That's really nice. I always look at this contour palette and the Lorac one when I go into Ulta. It's always a conflict between powder and cream!
    Thanks for posting :)

  6. I've never come across the Lorac one!? Definately a cream contour kit :) thanks for reading! xx