Thursday, 19 November 2015

LVL Lash Enhance

So sorry guys that I haven't done a blog post in forever, I have been so busy at the weekends and then when it comes to the evenings I am exhausted! This blog post today is definitely a big thumbs up from me.... Such a great treatment that everyone needs to try! 

Today's Blog Post is all about LVL Enhance lashes, this is a new lash boosting technique which promises length, volume and a definite lift for 6-8 weeks without perming or using eyelash extensions. I firstly seen this treatment all over my Instagram as a beauty therapist in my area was advertising and all the girls were loving it, I thought this would be so ideal for me as I don't want make up weekdays- only weekends. My job involves working with animals so I don't feel the need to go to work all dolled up so when I seen this I was interested, not having to put mascara on is a win! This technique is brilliant- a great pick me up when your face/eyes are looking dull, as soon as you wake up in the mornings or step out the shower you look great. Another wonderful thing about this is when I apply mascara they look so good- so long and look as is I'm wearing eyelash extensions without having to use a eyelash curler. 


                                                Before & After the LVL Lash Enhance 

LVL Lashes is such a low maintenance regime and so ideal for them early mornings without falling out or causing you any problems. The lift will eventually fade away as each lash ends it growth cycle and will fall out in the end, anyone and everyone can benefit from this treatment. The cost of this treatment will vary depending on the area you live in so luckily for me I only had to pay £25 which is such a bonus! LVL enhance is a safe, pain free process and is designed to be relaxing and quick and to leave you feeling confident! I'm not going to go through the process of this treatment as I'm sure you will get bored reading so I in a few simple steps the treatment is as follows.... A therapist uses a setting serum to straighten your natural lashes at the root and then tints the lashes creating the appearance of mascara. The beauty therapist gave me a small comb so that every now and then I just quickly comb through my lashes just to give them a little boost, I got my LVL Lashes done 25th October and they are still going strong. I have booked in for them to be re-done 18th December ready for the Christmas period as by then the 8 weeks will be up so hopefully they would have grown out and my natural short eyelashes will have come through. 


I am so glad I went ahead and got this treatment done as at first I was slightly worried that it wouldn't of worked so well on my lashes but I am so over whelmed with the outcome and also convinced my mum to get them done as she loves them! Overall I give this technique a 10/10 and would recommend it to anybody, please please go have a browse and for those of you interested go for it! 

Have any of you had the LVL Enhance treatment? Comment below your thoughts..... 

Speak Soon, love Amy xxxxxxx


  1. Wow the result looks amazing! thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Emily

  2. It's a great treatment, would definately recommend :)