Thursday, 8 October 2015

Harry Potter World Tour

Right, so I haven't done a blog in a few weeks now because I have been so so busy so now I have the chance to sit down and enjoy writing a blog for you guys. This week my post is going to be all about Harry Potter World as I had the chance to go on Monday! It was great!

Monday 5th October was my boyfriends birthday so we thought hey, why not go to Harry Potter World and see what all the fuss is about? We have been wanting to go here for a while to check it out but as I have only ever watched the very first movie I was abit weary as I wasn't sure that I would understand any of it!? Nobody can ever get their head around the fact that I have only ever watched the first movie.... I just have never got round to it :|
The set is located in Watford which is on the outskirts of London and dead easy to get to & find, free parking too which is always a bonus. Here you have to book a time slot so that everyone has allocated times to have a gander around otherwise it would be manic! We decided to go to the 12pm time slot as that would give us enough time to get there in the morning as you have to arrive 20 minutes before hand and then also meant we wouldn't of had to rush back for his birthday meal! 


I didn't realise that the movie was actually set here in some scenes, I thought it was just a re-make of all the scenes so once I found this out my excitement started. So when you arrive the building is huuuuge, we collected our tickets as we booked online and then had to queue for atleast 25 minutes but that was fine as we were having a play about with our new DSLR camera, which is fantastic and I totally recommend any first time bloggers as it is dead easy to use (I will most probably do a post on the camera once I figure everything out on it) As we were queuing the scene of the bedroom underneath the stairs was there for everyone to take a look out and to set the start of the adventure. Surprisingly I understood everything and knew what everything was which was a total relief, this tour took us around 2.5 hours to get around but one of the staff members told us that it has taken some people 13 hours which is crazy, I dont understand how it would take that long unless you were a total HP Fan!! 

This tour literally included nearly everything from the movies, I cannot even choose a favourite part of my day as it was all spectacular, although 'Diagon Alley' was pretty cool aswell as the big Castle at the very end! The Train Station scene is awesome and really makes you feel as though you are in the scene as it is that over whelming. The thing that really tops the day off is that you can buy Butter beer or have it as an ice cream... the thing is the Butter beer actually tastes amazing although it is fairly expensive. The shop at the very end is great although that is very very expensive but has great things in there for you to buy. This whole tour is mainly inside which worked out well as it was pouring it down the day we went but there is a little part which is outside but your only out there for a few minutes so it doesn't effect the fun that much!
I was expecting tickets to cost atleast £40/£50+ when actually they only cost £33 which I find fairly reasonable for how much of a good day it is and everything that you see inside the tour.


All HP Fans will love this tour as it makes you appreciate how much hard work went into all the movies, the amount of great pictures we captured and how much fun we had getting the chance to go here. Anyway, Monday night we went to 'On The Rocks' which is a Steak restaurant where you get to cook your own steak to perfection on a hot rock which is yummy, this place is divine and if you ever get the chance to go to a steak house then do it! For dessert we had homemade toblerone cake definitely was a good choice as this was sooooo good. 
                       Hope you all enjoyed reading my experience at Harry Potter Land,
                           Let me know your views on the tour if you've ever been?

Speak Spoon, love Amy xxxxxxx


  1. It looks like you had such an amazing time! And hope Luke had a fab birthday!
    I miss yooooou, and just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, all the rules and that are on my blog so have a gander if you fancy doing it! See you soon me lovely!
    Lauren xx

    1. We had a great time Thankyou, I miss you lots too. Oooo sounds fun, I'll have a look! :) see you soon honey. xxxx

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