Sunday, 13 September 2015

LegoLand Adventure

Good Afternoon Bloggers, yesterday I spent the day at LegoLand so thought I would let all the people out there who havent yet got the chance to go my thoughts. So I live in a little town roughly 1hr & 40 minutes away from Windsor which isn't so bad as we set off 7:15am but managed to drive past the service station we wanted for breakfast so had to wait until we got into the City Centre :(

At First when I was asked to go with my Boyfriend, Sister & Fiance and my Niece and Nephew I was a tad anxious as from what I had heard about the place it was very kiddy and wasn't much to do for the adults but still went ahead with the offer as It would most probably be a fun day out! I am so so glad I went because it was brilliant, definitely recommend LegoLand to everybody, any age! The weather was abit dull on the way & raining loads which dampened our moods as obviously LegoLand is all outside and we didn't want to spend the day soaking wet and miserable :( 
Anyway, as we arrived the sun started to come through & the rest of the day was luckily lovely warm weather. We managed to go round the whole Park and see everything they had to offer which was great, we barely had to queue for any of the attractions other than 'Aero Nomad' which was the only disappointing ride as for how long we had to queue for it was over in seconds but never mind it was still a nice ride to see the park from a sky view. For anyone who is going you definitely need to go to the 'Atlantis Submarine Voyage' which is linked to the Sea Life Center, it was amazing- fishes, sharks etc, very magical. 


Obviously it is a tiring day and very very manic with children around everywhere but it's enjoyable and fun. If I was to go again then I would take a Picnic with me as the food stalls & Restaurants are fairly expensive, me & my boyfriend both paid £9 roughly for a drink and steak roll and the other had a bratwurst roll and both weren't very pleasing :( there are plenty of benches and Picnic Tables for anyone planning on going as that's the better option! I really could talk about everything they had to offer there but I would be going on forever so everyone go and check it out as I give it a big thumbs up. The overall thing that topped my day there was a massive stand with a Lego picture of Taylor Swift, my ultimate girl crush!! Whoever thought of that idea and made it is soooo talented :)
The park offers such a variety including a Train that takes you around the whole resort, Mini Land which is a village of lots of mini Lego to recreate scenes from the USA & Europe and used nearly 40 million bricks, Star Wars, a massive Maze which was very fun, 'Coastguard HQ' this was great- a battery powered boat which you get to steer around a course with various obstacles in the way! We were going to go on the Rapids as the last ride as we thought that would be the better option rather than walking around all day wet but when it came to that part the queue was horrendous so we all decided to give it a miss and stay dry and warm :) I would looove to go into the Hotel at the resort because from the outside it looks wicked so i'm guessing the inside would be very cool, a definite must for next time!


Overall It was a brilliant day with the Family and such a good experience, so pleased we went and got to enjoy it along with the warm weather.

Comment below your thoughts of LegoLand and how much you enjoyed it...

Speak soon, love Amy xxxxxx


  1. I've wanted to go here in like forever but live so far away, definitely need to take my brother, hes OBSESSED with lego and hes almost 20 hahaha!

    Great post!

    1. Oh no, that's a shame! It was a lovely day and great weather which topped it off :) I hope you get to go at some point. xxx

  2. I really want to go here in term time when it's quiet just to see what its like!

    1. I was abit nervous to go as I'm not really into Lego but it was fun, you should definately give it a go! xx