Thursday, 22 October 2015

West Midlands Safari Park

So todays blog post is going to be about another day out that I was lucky enough to go on, West Midlands Safari Park! This is a place that I have been wanting to visit for soooooo long but never have had the chance to go. Finally my boyfriend brought tickets (which were only £20 which I think is very reasonable) and surprised me by taking me there last weekend, It was the most insane experience. 
We set off 10:30am roughly on the Saturday as it does take a while to get there from where we live, when we arrived at 12:30pm we brought the animal food straight away as we intended on feeding a lot of the animals, We then started the Safari Drive-Through!! 

To start off with we drove past the 'Wild Asia' which involved Buffalo's, Deer's etc, the amount of different deer's we seen that day was crazy... I didnt realise there were that many different ones around the world! I cant quite remember what order the Park went in but it included African Plains/Carnivores/Elephant Valley. By this point the place was absolutely packed, the cars were back to back driving around but that's no problem as you need time to take in the amazing animals in their habitat in the park. I Was most excited to see the Elephants on this day as they are my favourite animal eveeer other than Dogs :) 
So we intended on using both boxes of the animal food yet we didnt even use half of one, to be honest there wasn't many animals you could feed, it was mainly the deers/camels, i even got told off for feeding a Zebra! 

The drive around the park is such a laugh & very fun, we ended up having a camel practically in the car with its head right down in the foot-well haha!  You do have to keep your windows shut through parts of the drive as obviously the animals are out & about but it doesn't ruin the day in any way possible. After we finished the Safari Drive-Through you get to walk around a separate part of the park but at the time most things were closing but we did get there in time to look around the things we did want to see which was fun, the only thing we didn't manage to see unfortunately were the Hippo's!! We also got chance to watch the Sea Lion show which was lovely to watch! I cant really say much about this day as there was so much you got to see & experience so I would be here forever but I can definitely recommend the place as it is for all ages and everybody will enjoy it. The good perk about this is that you get to return within a few months as long as you go in the same car and the same number of people... I thought this was a great idea!! This was also the second place we got to take our new DSLR Camera which was great as the photo's we got were incredible, I wish everyone could see them!

I was so over whelmed by every single animal I seen on this day but the Elephants definitely played a massive part & were incredible to see, especially the baby elephant with its mum & dad :) I wish I could write a lot more about West Midlands Safari park but I honestly cannot write every single part of the day :( Also another perk inside the park is that they have little shops were you can buy gifts & food etc, we brought a small pick a mix and it was sooooo yummy and at a reasonable price which I loved as most tourist attractions are very over priced. Anyway, this was just a quick post on my experience here and want to recommend it to everybody out there, you all need to check it out!

Have any of you been to West Midlands Safari Park? If so, let me know your views!

Speak Soon, love Amy xxxxxxxx


  1. I went here years ago when I was about 14 and I absolutely loved it, I'm dying to go back now but it's so far away from me!

  2. It's such an amazing place to visit, a great day too! You should definately visit again and make a weekend out of it if it's too far to travel! :)
    Amy xx