Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pizza Time

Good evening you pretty little things, thought I would do a quick post on this chilly Saturday night.

Me and my partner decided that we really wanted to try and make Tanya Burr's Homemade Pizza Recipe as it looks delicious! Today ended up with us going to the supermarket and finally buying all the ingredients for it.....

You literally need minimal ingredients which is great and very convenient for just a quick pizza craving. We lined up all the ingredients in the kitchen ready to start and have fun making, altogether the pizza's took roughly 2 hours but that's with intervals and fitting a bath in between which is very handy. Out of the homemade dough we made 2 pizza's and managed to have some left over which we can freeze and use another time.

To buy all the ingredients it cost £13, not expensive atall and you can use any topping you really wanted on the pizza, because this recipe is sooooo straight forward it was so fun making and stress free. For the 2 pizza's that we made we went for Chicken, Bacon, Sweetcorn and on the other Ham, Chorizo and Pineapple... pretty weird i know but very yummy! Loving Chorizo at the minute :)

Overall, I recommend everyone to make her homemade pizza's as it feels as if you are eating a healthy non-greasy pizza which doesn't feel like you are being naughty and eating a Domino's haha!

For anyone wanting to know a little bit more on this post then write a comment below and I will get back to you!
Speak Soon, love Amy xxxxxx


Friday, 28 August 2015


So guys, I thought I would do a quick post whilst i'm cosy in bed with Milo (that's my dog if anyone didnt know who will almost certainly get mentioned alot) :)

 Last weekend I went and explored Brighton with one of my friends who I've known many years and who is also involved in the whole blogging world! We went Friday-Sunday and it was fab! We both thoroughly enjoyed it and had such a laugh the whole weekend, I would definitely recommend Brighton!! 
So we arrived around 2pm ish on the Friday and settled in to our accommodation which was a cabin in a familys back garden which we booked through 'airbnb' which is a crazily cheap booking website so everyone should seriously go check it out, we then went and drove around Brighton Seafront and had a wander. That evening we went to an independent Italian restaurant which was yummy and had such a lovely meal and of course a bottle of wine! 

Saturday morning we woke up to such a beautiful sunny day and went on a mad Shopping Spree in the town Centre and Lanes, Literally shops everywhere! We intended on budgeting our money on clothes & beauty but practically spent our entire money on make up & skin care, oops! Saturday evening we went to another Independent Italian which was pretty disappointing for our last meal but it definitely didn't ruin the trip! We then went on and enjoyed the nightlife which was great and such a fun night resulting us getting in at 3:30am which we definitely did not plan on!

As soon as we woke up Sunday it was such a miserable day meaning that the final day was a pretty wet day to travel back in but that didnt stop us from having fun on the pier and eating fish and chips in the rain whilst trying to hold our umbrellas! We then ended the morning in the arcades and having a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows which was what we needed before heading home which ended up being a 5 hour journey!


The final thing which we both loved was the ridiculously cute lanes in Brighton, definitely a must see! If you would like to see how much fun we had then take a look on my instagram which you will find at the top of my page on 'contact'

Speak soon, love Amy xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

20 Facts About Me

Hi pretty ladies, after years of reading blogs and much persuasion I have decided to go ahead and begin blogging! For my first post I think it would be quite fun to get to know me a little by doing 20 facts about me, here goes...... 

1. My name is Amy Louise Humphries

2. I am 20 years old 

3. I am a qualified beauty therapist level 2 and 3 

4. I currently work at a vets as a veterinary receptionist and also help which the operations at times which is pretty cool! 

5. I own a little fluffy ball of fur named milo which is a LhasaPoo

6. I loooove hot chocolate 

7. I like meeting new people 

8. My favourite savoury food is Mozerella Dippers

9. Elephants are my favourite animals along with Dogs! 

10. Along with that my dream would be to visit South Africa or Thailand to work with Elephants 

11. I have a passion for make up and would completely love being a Make Up Artist 

12. Afternoon tea is yummy

13. I have 11 piercings & 3 tattoos 

14. I drive a Ford 59 plate new KA 

15. I worry a hell of a lot 

16. I have a sister and also a niece and newphew 

17.  If anyone asks me to go for food I would jump at the chance! 

18. I'm a big baby when it comes to sad films 

19. If you leave me alone with a TV, reality programmes it'll be

20. Recently I have learnt that I love visiting new places and there's so much out there that I still want to explore 

Really hope you have all enjoyed knowing a little bit more about me and my interests, I would love to get to know more about you guys so comment below a little fact about yourself and any ideas on posts you would like me to do! 

Speak soon, love Amy xxxxxx