Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pizza Time

Good evening you pretty little things, thought I would do a quick post on this chilly Saturday night.

Me and my partner decided that we really wanted to try and make Tanya Burr's Homemade Pizza Recipe as it looks delicious! Today ended up with us going to the supermarket and finally buying all the ingredients for it.....

You literally need minimal ingredients which is great and very convenient for just a quick pizza craving. We lined up all the ingredients in the kitchen ready to start and have fun making, altogether the pizza's took roughly 2 hours but that's with intervals and fitting a bath in between which is very handy. Out of the homemade dough we made 2 pizza's and managed to have some left over which we can freeze and use another time.

To buy all the ingredients it cost £13, not expensive atall and you can use any topping you really wanted on the pizza, because this recipe is sooooo straight forward it was so fun making and stress free. For the 2 pizza's that we made we went for Chicken, Bacon, Sweetcorn and on the other Ham, Chorizo and Pineapple... pretty weird i know but very yummy! Loving Chorizo at the minute :)

Overall, I recommend everyone to make her homemade pizza's as it feels as if you are eating a healthy non-greasy pizza which doesn't feel like you are being naughty and eating a Domino's haha!

For anyone wanting to know a little bit more on this post then write a comment below and I will get back to you!
Speak Soon, love Amy xxxxxx


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