Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas Presents

Welcome back guys, I admit I havent done a Blog post in forever as I have been so busy over the festive period! As I am lucky enough to have the next week off work I thought I would do a quick Post telling everyone a few bits I got for Christmas :)

So normally every Christmas and birthday I always ask for cosmetics or skincare but this time round I didnt really ask for much make up other than MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in 'Soft Ochre' as I really wanted a base colour for when I put eyeshadow on and came across a Blogger who use's this product so I really wanted to give it a go. MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Next I received a FitBit which is a great product as I am super nosey and like to be healthy & fit so this product for me works wonders. It is a wrist wear product so for anyone who doesnt really like to wear anything on their wrists then this is unfortunately a no go. So there are many different FitBits but I opted for the 'Charge' as this does everything I want it to. It records Calories burnt, steps taken, how many flights of stairs, time and you can have a sneeky peek on the strap itself or the app on your phone. It also has a silent alarm which vibrates onto your wrist if your not a morning person and dont like loud alarms! This product does many more things so go and take a gander online. FitBit Charge

Another product I was lucky enough to recieve which I have wanted for over a year is an 'Olivia Burton' Watch- I find the watches so elegant and pretty, I originally wanted a leather strap from her range but then cme across her metal watches and definately wanted one so Christmas I opened the Rose Gold metal Watch and was over the moon. The watches arent cheap but are sooo worth the money as they are good quality and durable. Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch

Also I got a pair of ankle UGG Boots which are lovely, I got the Waterproof Leather in the colour 'Chesnut' this is my first pair of UGG's so I am excited to see how durable they are and also how well they last! I am impressed that they can be worn in any weather hopefully as they are both leather and waterproof so should be able to cope in rain & snow (not like we will get snow but anyway) UGG Ankle Boots

I'm not going to list everything I recieved this Christmas but I was very Spoilt and excited to use everything I got. Im going to continue watching Charlie & the chocolate factory :)  I Hope everybody has a lovely New years!

Comment below your favourite present this Christmas....

Speak Soon, love Amy xxxxxxx