Sunday, 20 September 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Review


Its another Sunday so I thought it's time for another blog post to go up, for the past few months I have been going to get my nails done with Shellac rather than painting my nails but I thought it was time to have a break and start saving abit of money as its £20-£25 each time and stop being lazy and to paint them myself!
Last Sunday I made sure I took some time out of my day to give my nails some TLC and make them look pretty. I'm one of them girls who keep hold of nail varnish for ages and never gets rid of them so I have decided to freshen up my Varnish box and treat my nails to some new colours!
I'm loving the pastel colours on nails this year so as this summer is coming to an end I thought last weekend would be the right time to slap on the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry 'Eat My Dust 515' and to test out how good it is. My nails are fairly weak and never ever stay at a nice length, my nail plate always peels which is annoying to so that's why I thought I would give Shellac a go and see how well they work on my nails... I loved it! I started off with having Acrylics (some people aren't that keen) as I was going abroad and wanted pretty nails, when it came round to having my acrylics removed they were actually more healthier than they were before and this is when I started having Shellac to make them longer and even healthier!

I am dead impressed with the Barry M Speedy varnishes and give them a big thumbs up, I only normally keep varnish on for at least a week as unfortunately I get bored of seeing the same colour so need to re-fresh them all the time, I only have 3 colours from this range but love all 3 of them and very satisfied! The colour stayed on for a week and could have lasted longer but were beginning to chip so thought I would change the varnish before they started to look messy. (I will post pictures below of when I painted them & what they looked like a week later)
This varnish is lovely to apply, very smooth and easy application with a flat brush, I found that I needed to apply 3 coats to get the best achieved look as because this is a pastel colour it is very light if you only apply 1 coat so I recommend applying 2-3 coats! It definitely is Speedy and dries fairly fast/better than other Nail Polish Brands out there on the High Street.

Before I applied the Barry M Varnish I used the Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Clear 740 to get a lovely, smooth base coat finish and then I applied it again as a top coat to finish the look off. This Varnish is a one stroke precise application with an ultra-shine finish. Normally when my hands are in hot water thats when the Polish tends to peel/chip whereas with this range nothing like that happened and they stayed in tack all week and only just stared to chip a day ago! I think all the colours in this range are gorgeous ranging from pastel colours to darker colours, I don't normally tend to wear Barry M Varnishes anymore as I find the colour chips within 2-3 days of wearing it but this range has definitely changed my mind so hopefully they bring out another good range which are as good as the speedy range.


TOP PICTURE- A week ago today when I first applied the Polish, Smooth & Ultra-Shiny.

How the Polish looked today (a week later) before I removed it, Still Smooth but beginning to chip & peel.

 I would love to hear what your favourite Nail Varnish Brand is at the minute?
        Comment below your thoughts on Barry M Quick Dry.....

Speak Soon, love Amy xxxxxx

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